For any business, there is opportunity to extract more value from the information used for day-to-day bookkeeping to produce accurate management reports.   Waiting for the formal accounts to be prepared by the accountant risks missing opportunities to improve the business or forward plan. 

We are able to combine practical experience and understanding with accounting skills to help you get the most from your financial data that is live and always available.  Be it as a one off project or to keep track of what’s going on within the business.

Using Microsoft Excel we can extract actual accurate information from all the main accounting software packages allowing presentation of bespoke information that makes sense to you. 

To get good data out, you need to put good data in, as such step one is usually to review current data entry and book keeping practice to ensure opportunities are not missed to enter data in a way it can be better used.  

What we offer;

  1.  Initial free consultation to determine and understand the management information required

  2. A review of the current data entry procedures

  3. Produce the bespoke management reports

As a bonus to this service, when management accounts are prepared, end of year books are presented to the accountant/auditor in a more complete and accurate state which saves time and money.

Being a bespoke service, pricing is based on an hourly rate. An indication of cost can be given after the initial consultation.